The Milo Yiannopoulos Conundrum - Uproar Over Twitter Hate Speech Controversy

The State Press
Twitter are making the news again, this time for taking away the verification tick of Right Wing journalist Milo Yiannopoulos on Friday.

His account was de-verified for having broken the website's strict policies on hate-speech, but he was not informed which tweet caused the issue. What's interesting is that this seems to be being handled very differently to how Twitter's new guidelines laid things out. Rather than being suspended and given the chance for the offensive tweets to be deleted, he's just lost a little tick by his name.

Without knowing what exactly Yiannopoulos is in trouble for, it's difficult to say whether Twitter were in the right or the wrong. It does seem strange that he has been unverified for something unknown and that people like Donald Trump are still getting away with it but without more information there isn’t much to say.

I’m not going to go into the fact of whether Milo Yiannopoulos deserved to get in trouble or not. You can go through his Twitter and decide for yourselves but it is clear that Twitter did not expect the reaction that this action has received.

There have been many articles over the weekend on the matter, two of which have gotten the strongest responses. The people at Re/Code have had to edit their articles due to missing facts and The Huffington Post has gotten a lot of backlash for celebrating the fact Yiannopoulos has been de-verified.

Losing that tick has gotten Yiannopoulous a lot more attention then he'd had before with the #JeSuisMilo tag having been trending over the weekend and 20,000 new followers. De-verifying his account has done nothing more than feed the flames and prove that Twitter are perhaps policing the site in the wrong way. Removing a user or de-verifying them should be fine but they should at least share the reason why. Yes, people might not always agree with them but then at least they're being clear which is all Yiannopoulous himself wants right now.

Unfortunately all of this has only contributed to the spread of hate on the platform. As no one knows why he was de-verified or who reported him it's the staff of Twitter who need to be spoken to, but in a polite manner. We don’t want someone who didn’t deserve to be punished to suffer but no one can say whether the punishment fits when Twitter isn’t being open about this.

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