Bowie's Blackstar Becomes Miniseries and Confuses Instagram

David Bowie's final album Blackstar has been transformed into a 16-part miniseries that will be posted on Instagram.
The miniseries has been called Unbound, will feature music from Bowie's 28th album and will star Tavi Gevinson and Patricia Clarkson.

On Thursday night the first chapter in the series was posted online.

I had no idea what to expect from Unbound, but as it was something to do with the iconic David Bowie, I knew it would be an innovative and artistic feature.

The miniseries kicked off with Unbound One. A 15 second looped video of a group of people sitting in a dimly lit library. The period setting contrasts with the group of modern day "characters", who share books, spin globes and embroider as though they are Victorian ladies-in-waiting.

The music is lifted from the albums opener and adds to the old fashioned and slightly haunting atmosphere that the setting and props are creating. The eagle eyed among you may also have noticed the black star on the book on the table, a nod to the album's title and cover image.

Within one hour the obscure clip had over 300 likes which grew to over 1,300 in under 24 hours. I suspect as word gets out and as more of the clips begin to piece together, these likes and comments will increase.

The general reaction thus far seems to be of confusion and discontent. But that's mainly because we're a greedy culture, who can binge on full seasons of dramas by watching them all on Netflix in one go. Maybe it would do us some good to wait and ponder between episodes every once in a while.

The @InstaMiniSeries account is made exclusively to air these "shorts" and not just Unbound but other series too! Unboundepisodes will continue to be aired on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday - so we haven't got too long to wait for the second installment.

Bowie's website released a statement saying that the miniseries features "evocative images inspired by the moods suggested in the album's music, lyrics and artwork."

Director, Nikki Borges, says their plan was to homage Bowie's music and demonstrate that "his innovations have influenced our own work as we transform a social media platform into a creative outlet."

This is one of the most creative things we have seen since "Snapchat art" began and I am curious to see how it evolves. Hopefully it will encourage movie makers to get creative too! It is the cinematic version of Twitter Fic and I am excited for its future.

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