Conservative Writer Suspended from Twitter Leaves Many People Enraged

It's strange how people can react when someone's account is suspended on Twitter. For many people it might be annoying but it doesn't matter, for others it's an issue as they either don't know why or feel they don't deserve to have their account deleted. Whatever the reaction, once you've gotten that email your account is gone.

Recently self-proclaimed anti-feminist writer Robert Stacy McCain had his account suspended from Twitter. It's unknown what exactly he posted for people to report him but Twitter cited that he had been participating in targeted abuse. I hadn't heard of this McCain until this reaction blew up over his account so I can't even gather an opinion on whether the suspension was right or not, but I think I can safely assume that his account wasn't suspended just because he was a conservative or anti-feminist.

Yes, that's what many people, including actor Adam Baldwin, are saying has happened. Back in January another conservative writer Milo Yiannopoulos lost the tick on his account that verified him and was overjoyed with the backlash this caused Twitter. He made jokes and ranted about how it was unfair and how this was down to feminists and liberals not liking what he said. Since then Twitter have brought in their Trust and Safety Council, something that was a big help and is supposed to help keep users safe, especially some of the younger users. Many people worried that all this would do is lead to targeted suspensions of anyone who says anything against the groups they protect so you can see where this outcry has come from. But it does seem unlikely. The Twitter team follows the rules and guidelines, the council are just there to help them make a decision. If someone really didn't do something wrong then chances are that they won't get deleted just because someone didn't like what they said.

Twitter have a tough time because they do want to encourage people to say what they like. They've made it clear recently that they aren't necessarily giving into the government so they aren't preventing free speech - which is, as you should remember, just when the government says you can't say something - but there's a fine line in letting someone speak their opinion and letting them say something abusive. Many people use Twitter and you don't know all their opinions and life stories, many conservative writers aren't going to say anything hateful and their accounts will be fine. And if liberal writers say something abusive, they'll get in trouble too. There's no political affiliation because if there was Donald Trump probably wouldn't have an account any more, no matter how much money and power he has. Twitter have said themselves that is difficult to decide who they can suspend and who maybe just didn't think before hitting enter and you have to forgive them if maybe they don't always get it right.

Maybe it's a good thing that so many of these enraged people are leaving Twitter because it would be better for them to leave and be happy than stay and be upset over things that don't really matter. Many accounts are sharing their support for McCain butthough he'll miss Twitter a little, he's not really all that bothered about being suspended. The way he sees it, he'll still be able to get his voice on Twitter because he's a writer and he has a point there. The issue doesn't appear to be with Twitter or with Jack Dorsey - as again, people seem to think - but with transparency. It might help if Twitter shared the tweet they were suspended for in the email or if people with other political allegiances held their hands up and said, hey, I got removed too so it's not just you guys. Once again it's a fine line between what can be shared and what can't but Twitter seriously need to figure it out before more people turn against the service.

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