#Facebook to Launch Full Page #Ads that are Basically Mini #Websites

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What has always been one of the most annoying forms of adverts on desktop computers? Pop Ups. The idea of an advert taking up your full screen is the most annoying thing, especially if you click one open by accident. Facebook's Canvas ads aren't going to pop up but if you do accidentally click on them, they will fill your entire phone screen.

Facebook are always looking for new ways to advertise. The more innovative their ad space, the more advertisers they'll be able to make money off of. It makes sense and at this point we're used to ignoring adverts on Facebook but it seems as if Facebook are planning on making them more intriguing to click on. The new Canvas ads will appear in the news feed as normal adverts do. They won't randomly open up or take over your experience but if you do click on them then they'll open to a full screen page.

The idea is to make adverts more interactive. These pages could have slideshows, videos and anything interactive or scrollable that would allow you to discover more about the content the advert is sharing with you. It could work quite well if the advertisers are just as innovative as Facebook and the ads continue to be targeted. It's going to be no good if someone who can't drive is being shown a car ad and so on. You want to grab people on a first look and give them a reason to find out more, just like with an article preview. The ads are easy to make within an ad building interface and there's even a live preview like you would have for a webpage which makes it even more practical.

The only issue is that these ads are going to be big. They will take up your entire phone screen and it's so easy to accidentally click on something on mobile. If you can accidentally like something then you can accidentally open an ad. If this happens too often then people are going to be mad so the fewer ads, the better. It would also be good if people could opt out of them but that does seem unlikely. Facebook aren’t likely to risk losing money after all.

The new ads are rolling out globally using Facebook's power editor tool so if you're looking for an interesting way to advertise, this could be it.

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