GIFs on Twitter Just Got Better

GIFs are all the rage on social media these days and as many mobile apps as possible are trying to integrate them. From Tumblr to Facebook Messenger to Tinder, users are finally getting a chance to share how they feel through GIF form while on their phones.

At the moment you can post gifs on Twitter from your desktop or phone by uploading the image from your computer. It's one of the simple ways you can post gifs on most desktop websites. The other way you can share a GIF is that you can post a Giphy link and watch the image work its magic. But that tends to be a little different on most apps these days. Sites like Giphy have been partnering up with other services so people can use the gifs uploaded onto their site in their responses and conversations without having to copy and paste and URL or go into a separate app. These social media services tend to have a little GIF button that if you press you see a selection of the most popular GIFs and a search area so you can find the specific gifs you want. You just have to search the emotion you're looking for or the character/actor's name and you'll get a selection of GIFs tagged with that word or name.

Now it seems like Twitter is jumping on board finally. The button has only appeared for a select few users, people have all been sharing the news then complaining if it disappears. The response when you search gif button seems to be a pretty joyous one so I think we can safely say that Twitter are doing something right again.

When asked if they were testing a GIF button by the staff at Tech Crunch they just replied with this GIF:

I think that's a GIF I'd save as "I might be" which is pretty funny considering Twitter are definitely testing the feature out on some users. Now we just need to wait and see when they roll it out fully.

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