#LinkedIn Attempt to Bounce Back by Looking to the #Stars

LinkedIn aren't having the best time right now, their stock recently took the worst nosedive in company history, their valuation dropped and investors have started leaving in droves. The sprawling social network cum job hunting database hasn't given up the ghost just yet, and now they're doing what they can to encourage more people to sign up.

It's difficult to predict how social media companies will approach TV advertising, there's no one way of doing it. Facebook tried to basically define themselves as friendship incarnate, whilst Twitter just kind of went meme crazy. LinkedIn's approach is a little more ambitious - it's all about outer space. The slickly produced ad, which will air on TV during the Academy Awards, claims that 3 million LinkedIn members are qualified to be astronauts. Given that NASA is currently looking for one, that's an intriguing statement.

In a related blog post, the company's Vice President of Marketing, Nick Bartle, states that LinkedIn are actively working with NASA on their search, using the site's deeply detailed roster of users to figure out who the best candidates might be. The notion that as many as 3 million users are actually qualified is exciting because it suggests that the ideal job might find you, rather than you having to find it. Moreover, you might actually be qualified for bigger, better things than you ever imagined.

Every kid dreams of being an astronaut at some point or another, you just have to hope that Gravity doesn't put them off it for good. It certainly did me, there's little point in surviving an ordeal like that if you were indirectly responsible for the death of George Clooney. Anyway, it will be interesting now to see how this kind of advertising, along with the recent brag that the platform now has 414 million members affects LinkedIn, and whether it can pull them out of the fire.

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