Meet #Yubl - The Latest #SocialMedia #App to Emerge

Yubl is such a strange sounding name, I'm not even sure how to pronounce it but it belongs to the latest social media app in town. It's only been available for a couple of days worldwide but man; it looks like the new app to be on.

It's easy to think that we don't need any new social media services out there these days. We have services for almost anything we want to share and then Facebook or Tumblr for when we want to pool everything together. But what we didn't have is a service that brings a few of the social media services together in fun new ways. And that's exactly what Yubl does, in concept it's pretty simple. You have three different tabs that allow you to share with different people. Private allows you to share with certain friends or groups only, public means anyone who follows you can see it and Explore allows you to see endorsed and celebrity posts. Some of the posts you can even interact with; from stickers you tap on to see move, to voting buttons and maps so you can see where everyone is or just one specific location. All together this might sound like a lot but it's also kind of exciting.

As said the private section allows you to message people or groups. You can send messages as normal text if you want or you can send a more typical Yubl with a different coloured background, photos, videos, stickers and so on. You can also send the stickers on their own so they're not taking up a huge portion of the screen. If you're someone who likes the stickers on things like Facebook Messenger then you'll be glad to know that all the stickers they have will remain free, even when adding new ones. The message threads themselves will appear in a normal message list with the user or group's names on so they're easy to access. The groups can have as many members as you like and the app has practically been built to easily organise events. A few of the clickable buttons you can choose including the voting one which provides two options, a counter option so you can count how many people are attending as well as the location and pinpoint buttons that open up a map so people can see where they are or where they're going. There's also a button to post links to things on the internet.

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The public section is somewhere you can basically do anything you do above, but everyone will see it. It's kinda like adding a snap you take to your story rather than sending it to a select few. The public section could be great for keeping people entertained and gathering opinions. Not sure how you look in your new shirt but don't just want to ask people who'll be soft on you? Then ask everyone! The only issue here is that too many big and brightly coloured posts one after the other could be a little bit of an overload so I wouldn't post publicly too often. But generally it looks to be a lot of fun.

The explore section is the only place you'll see advertising on the service and it is integrated. There won't be banners or random ads thrown in, but instead a Yubl post that is clearly advertising something. All the example images of the service are showing bags and coffee so it shows you how the advertising is going to be aimed at a younger generation, in a way that is at least a little fun.

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Generally I think this looks like amazing fun and I think it's something I personally might try getting into, if I can find other people who want to use it with me. It's bright, simple to use and very interactive. It's more what people are looking for if they're going to be forced to try a social media service so hopefully it's one that will do well. The app is currently available on both iOS and Androidso get downloading! Oh and if you want a more animated preview of how it works first? Then check out Yubl's website, it looks pretty cool.

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