New Facebook Features Make Mobile Access Even Easier

It was announced yesterday that Facebook have two new Android features in the works: one that is being tested in the USA and another that is available worldwide. These features will encourage people to access the Messenger app more often.

The first of these features is SMS integration. This is the second time they have introduced this feature into the Messenger with the first time back in 2013 but they wound up getting rid of the feature with an update in the November due to lack of use. Now Facebook have stated their intentions to get rid of phone numbers, it sort of makes sense that they'd try to bring it back. It doesn't look as if sending text messages from Facebook will be any different to sending them from your regular text messaging client. The names will have little purple dots next to them on the message list to differentiate them and the text box will say type your SMS message here to confirm that you're in the right conversation. This is basically Facebook not doing anything special but instead saying once again that you never have to leave messenger. It's unlikely however that this will make more people start using Facebook Messenger. People aren't going to install the app just to text message people on it when they can already do so on their phone. It might open up a new market for SMS messaging but most people I've spoken to who use Messenger would still rather exit the app and text message people that way so how long this will be around again could be questionable.

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If this feature does work out however it will probably stay Android only due to the deeper OS integration it requires. Apple aren't too keen on app developers changing things about the actual system within iOS devices so it's unlikely that Facebook would be allowed to release the feature.

The other feature they're now adding onto Messenger is multiple account access. Yes, like they did with Instagram last week, they've rolled out multiple account integration to some Android users across the world. This is apparently because some people share mobile phones and signing in and out to have separate Messenger conversations could be awkward. This could however also help people who make fake or business accounts because it means they can have a constant stream of all their messages. To do this all you have to do is to go into account settings and add new user. It couldn't be simpler and it's something that many people actually need when they use Messenger.

Both features add a deeper level of integration for Messenger in our everyday lives, but if you can't see them already and it's supposed to be possible for you to access them then you'll just have to wait and see what they're like.

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