The Man Who Has It All: A #SocialMedia #Parody

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If you've not stumbled across the Man Who Has It All on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook then you're missing out. These three satirical accounts are supposedly all run by one man, a working dad of three kids who's wife tends to be so busy she can't help out. Well, actually, she did cook them some toast once so he counts that as a good thing.

If that statement is at all familiar then that's because it's something you fairly often hear women saying about their husbands/boyfriends/baby-daddies because surely that's all you need to expect from them? These accounts are great because they show how completely ridiculous a lot of these statements are but for some reason, we only realise this when we hear it coming from a man's mouth. Maybe that should be a little worrying in itself but I'm going to take it as a gift that might encourage men to change, just so they don't get laughed at by women or, worse, their mates.

The accounts have been around since last year but didn't pick up much steam until recently which is kind of sad. The writer's contact details are for a publishing agent so chances are all these social media posts will eventually be gathered together in some kind of book which could be interesting. There is no way of telling if whoever is writing this is actually a man or if it's a womanwho's sick of being spoken to like she's special or wrong for working. I think it is most likely the latter but we'll have to see.

Each account has a different type of post on it with the Tumblr account having the fewest. The posts on there are basically just lists. It's described as being a "lifestyle blog for super busy working dads" and the links on the sides are for things like a facial shape test, affirmations to feel better about yourself and so on, all tailored for these working dads.

Then you have the Facebook which features pictures with the inane statements on that you'll find in some of his tweets. There areno statuses that are purely text or pictures of any of his 'kids' so in some way, this account feels less like a real account than the others but it's still amusing in a way that also makes you want to groan. The pictures and statements are similar to some of the annoying posts that do pop on working mums Facebook walls but once again, it feels even more depressing when you see it in this light.

Finally you have his Twitter which is regularly updated and the most talked about account. On it he "answers questions" posed to him by other working men, makes statements about his busy life and tries to offer advice. If you wanted to sit and read through it all then it would take you a long time and you'd probably be fighting the urge to cry by the time you get halfway through.

Still, this account is getting so much notoriety that you have to hope that some men are realising how ridiculous they are by not helping out and that women who share this advice maybe think it over before sharing it again. This article might be a light piece but that doesn't mean there isn't any accuracy in these accounts so please do laugh at them, but wonder why these things are still being said while you do.

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