A Stickers Feature for Twitter is in the Works

Stickers are getting to be a pretty popular thing when it comes to photo editing these days. The oldest example I can think of it are the stickers you can add to...well...photo stickers in the cute little purikura booths from Japan. But since the introduction of Snapchat and then later stickers on Facebook, it looks as if adding stickers to photos is the next big thing and Twitter want in on it.


The feature is still in testing and there's not actually all that much information on it. At the moment it isn't even certain that they'll even release the feature but a few users are currently testing the service and it seems like it’s the logical next step. It's not exactly a surprise that tweets tend to get a better response if there is an image attached. It's the reason why they added the GIF keyboard and having something bright there to catch your eye can draw you to the text. So it makes sense that Twitter want to do more with images without necessarily becoming an image sharing site. This is possibly why some people are questioning the idea as it does seem better suited to a photo sharing service, but it could allow users to make the memes and images that are mass posted more original. And this is exactly why Twitter is thinking about this because that is exactly how it can encourage users to interact.

The feature will allow people to see what other stickers users have used on an image. So if you're posting a screenshot that you've grabbed from somewhere else then you can see what other people have done with it. This could allow you to find more people to follow because you know you have something in common. It is possible that it'll also show other pictures that the sticker itself is used regularly on, which wouldn't work as well but it's still good for encouraging more users to start talking to each other. There will also be suggested photos for you to share that will allow you to participate in trending conversations. It'll be another way to keep hashtags relevant and hopefully a little less repetitive. I look forward to seeing how this would be played out with the other features.

Adding the sticker itself would be simple and would be done when you're uploading a photo. On mobile you'll be able to see a little sticker option and will be able to choose from the sticker options there. It's unknown how many stickers are available at the moment but you can assume that the collection will keep growing.

The Stickers feature has also technically not been named yet. People testing it can rank the possible names in order of favourites but at the moment Stickers is the simplest and most popular option. There's nothing on when this feature would be released to the public if it passes the test but I for one hope it does as this looks like a fun addition.

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