Are Slamber City the Nicest Trolls Around?

When we think of trolling we don't often think about anything good. It's something most of us have done for a laugh at least once though, for me it's posting something I know a certain group of followers won't like, even if it isn't exactly offensive to see if anyone will react. For others it can be making 'joking' comments on people's photos or live streams and so on. However as there are people who will take it too far and will say something horrible, it’s always strange to see people trolling in the opposite direction.


Slamber City is a Facebook group for, in their words, car banter. The people in this group are what we might call lads and because of this their mannerisms could seem a little strange to someone who isn't English, which is why it's kind of funny that they've been spamming live streams from all over the world. Essentially what happens is someone posts a link to the live stream on the Facebook group and then the users click onto the stream to comment M9, slamber or something similar. Car enthusiasts might understand what slamber means but they seem to be avoiding those people. I expect it's less fun if people know what they're talking about. M9 on the other hand is the word M8 or mate + 1 which you’d assume means they’re the best friend you can have; though lads just call anyone mate these days. Not gonna lie, it gives me flashbacks to a former online community where people would say about really awesome things "take it to 11 because it's just one more!" It's kind of lame but they're saying it to have a laugh.

Their trolling is no doubt annoying but it's harmless, they're not insulting anyone and that goes with the Facebook group guidelines. When most people think of lad culture, just as they think of trolls, they don't think of positive things. Lads are thought of as creepy, the the type of guy who you kind of expect to be racist, misogynistic and just generally rude. Fortunately the rules say no racism, no bullying, no porn and so on. The information section suggests the guys at Slamber City don't really care what people think of them but it seems like even their spamming should stay within the guidelines. An admin of the group admitted to Buzzfeed that unsurprisingly there are problems within the group but I still think this is worth paying attention to.

In response to the trolling, a DJ who was impressed with how inoffensive they were decided to create a track for the group. When he put the track on sale he said he'd donate the money for the track to two charities: CALM who are a suicide prevention charity aimed at young men and Endeavour who try to help women, children and their pets deal with domestic abuse in the North West of England. This track is being heavily shared by members of the group and the more they troll, the more people will find out about the group and the track which will bring in more money.

Majestic ft M9s - Salmber City Takeover
Myself Majestic gives you the M9s anthem!!! We are going to raise money for 2 brilliant independent charities in vital need of our support!!! M8+1s... Cheeky Nandos Warriors.... Corsa massive.... whatever avenue you have to spread the word.... DO IT NOW!!!
Posted by Majestic on Thursday, 3 March 2016

It's kind of amazing to see a group of lads and internet trolls putting their skills at annoying people to good use. The track managed to make its way into the iTunes Top 40 for dance music. It's sold over 900 copies but the more it sells the better. So if you want to support your M9s then you can buy the track on iTunes now. It should also be available soon on Google Play.

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