#Comedian's Experiment Shows What Happens When a Guy Tries Using #Tinder as a Woman

As many women know, online dating is a perilous thing. Whenever you open the app you have to swipe through so many messages coming from gross men who want nothing more than a hook up. Heck, even if you want a hook up yourself then you kind of hope for a little more class but that seems to oh so rarely happen. So when comedian Sy Thomas decided to try using Tinder as a woman to work out how he should speak to women to get a response, we all knew what to expect.

When I first stumbled across this video, I assumed that he was doing this to know how women felt. I thought well, people should just listen to women's complaints rather than needing to hear a man say it but it could be amusing. Turns out that he was doing it to learn how he should talk to women. The video wasn't posted on Thomas' personal channel but a new one only started this month called What If? And that video is a ‘what if’ on its own, what if I was a woman, how would men respond? Considering Sy Thomas is an actor and presenter as well as a comedian, you can kind of see that this might be the start of a new series and would have been a good way to grab new viewers’ attention.

What happens in the video is exactly what you'd expect. Sy has a makeover to make him look like a woman; he takes a few photos and posts them on a Tinder account calling himself Simone. After that's done he waits three days and reads some of the 400+ messages on camera. 400 messages is a lot and Sy barely made a dent in them as he read them out. He'd react out loud rather than typing and we'd just see what the men had said to "her". Of course, some of the messages were polite or complimentary; they were nice or at least fairly innocent and the sorts of messages that most decent guys send out. Then you get some more of the disgusting ones, I'm not going to go into detail, but one of them involves a Harry Potter pun and that's all you’re getting.

The response to the video has been a mixed bag but a lot of them aren't exactly complimentary. As a guy dressing up a woman looking for dates, most commentators have either been offensive about the way he looked, have been saying that his problem as a man was just that women are picky and he is doing nothing wrong, or women pointing out that people are acknowledging there's a problem with the way men talk to women on the app when a man brings it up but not when a woman does.

Personally I'm not sure what to make of it and I think the video has spread wider than perhaps intended. It clearly wasn't meant to be something serious, he's a comedian after all and there are worse videos like this out there. The problem is that with his video he has stumbled across an actual problem and that is what people are responding to. If more people acted decently on dating apps, even when they just want a hook up, this wouldn't have caused such uproar. But I think people need to sit back and wait for a second video to be posted on that channel before they start making assumptions about the content of Sy Thomas' character.

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