Dating App Tinder Faces Accusations of Transphobia

When you join an app like Tinder you do expect to get some creeps and some unwanted questions about your sexual preferences or your body, especially if you're a woman, but there are some people who take it too far. You do have the option to report them but unfortunately some people have been abusing the reporting system on Tinder and that has led to another issue: Yet another Trans person being removed simply for having the body they have.

My immediate reaction reading that this has happened to someone was utter shock. I knew some people out there are morons but you don't expect to see someone reported for their gender. Some people might assume they must have been saying or doing something else and that is possible but considering the fact that this user's account was put under review after 2 days, they couldn’t access their account for the next four days and after a total of 10 days they received a warning. Some of you will still be going right, well what did they actually do? Turns out that they have that they are transgender in their bio and that they prefer to use they/their pronouns, their picture has a bag on it claiming they're proud to be trans and they inform everyone they talk to that they're transgender so people know from the off. None of this suggests that they're lying or baiting these users, they aren't being nasty and they're getting in trouble for something they cannot help. They receive an influx of questions about their anatomy because most of the men they match with focus on whether they have the right anatomy for them.

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The sad fact is that this isn't the first time something like this is being reported on. Business Insider did an article on it last year and yet this is still happening? People back then were suggesting multiple gender options instead of just male or female but there is still a chance that those people would be reported.

Many people seem to be saying that trans people shouldn't be upset at people dropping any conversation with them, asking uncomfortable questions or reporting them because Tinder is just for hook ups. These men and women are after people who have the anatomy of the opposite sex. but if it was a simple case of gender preference then they wouldn’t be reporting them. Also, that isn't right because some people are on Tinder hoping for relationships or friendship. If you put your gender as female when you still have male anatomy and vice versa that does not mean that you are lying about your gender if you identify that way.

If this was problem a year ago then Tinder seriously need to do something about it now. It's 2016 and the world is slowly becoming more accepting of the fact there are more than two genders out there and many of those people are going to want to date or hook up. By allowing this to happen Tinder are alienating a lot of their user base and that will not end well for them. Tinder either needs to work on their reporting system or they need to change their gender options. People have had enough of this and the app needs to catch up with the times.

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