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I'm someone who is always looking for new music but I always seem to struggle to work out how to find what I want. In the past there was this Facebook game where you would have a pet and would find music which was pretty awesome until it became US only. Then there was using sites like Last.FM and 8Tracks but with the recent change in 8Tracks policy making the app pretty much useless for anyone not in the US, I needed to find a new way to share music and playlists. Noted wants to be that new app and so far it’s pretty good.

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To start with Noted can be used on the web as well as through its Android and iPhone apps. The layout itself is pretty slick and it's pretty easy to navigate around. When you first register your account you'll be asked to pick a favourite genre of music from a few options, there isn't something for everyone so just pick something and the app will follow a few people for you to fill your music feed. That wasn't something I was all that keen on but you can easily unfollow the users. To get rid of the music however you do have to click into the menu of each song and click to skip the song. Once your account is set up you can start to search for music.

Noted doesn't have its own music database but allows you to share music from both YouTube and Soundcloud which makes this a great app if you're looking for up and coming artists. I tried searching for a YouTuber I know who sells his original music as well as recording covers and found my favourite cover of the moment from him. It seems to only pick up official videos though so if a song is a minor track from an album then you're not likely to find it unless the artist posts it. When you find a song then you can click to share it and it'll appear in your music feed. There is also a tab of suggested posts which learns your music tastes as you like, post and re-post. At first it might only show you a few songs based off an artist you have posted but the more music you share, the better the suggestions will be. There is also a playlist feature so you can build and share playlists for various different themes and inspirations.

As well as being a music app, this is a new social media service. Though you can set your account to private you're encouraged to share, to follow and to comment on music. It is a great way to meet new people with similar music tastes or to introduce older friends to new bands and artists. You can connect your account to Facebook or Twitter if you want to share your music even more publicly or connect it to your old This Is My Jam account. If you want the music you post to reach more people, then you can hashtag it and then people can search tags to find out how many songs have been posted in relation. On the app you can also private message people, sending them songs without having to post them yourself.


Overall this is definitely a service for music lovers and I seriously recommend giving it a try. It is a little bit buggy right now but since it is still a new app then it might be worth giving it a break and just enjoying the music.

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