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Following in Nintendo's footsteps, Sony are now set to be bringing Playstation titles to mobile phones in Asia and Japan. This is sad news for everyone else in the world but in the past many popular games that have been released on Japanese phones have later been ported for handheld consoles. Sony could do this but they’ll make more money if they eventually open the games up to players worldwide, it’s just a question of how long are we going to have to wait? This news will hardly come as a surprise to some gamers who were aware of Sony's previous attempt with Playstation Mobile but this time they're hoping to bring something new.

This idea is still in the early stages and all we can be certain of is that the games will be worked on by Forward Works, a division of Sony that will focus on the smart phone market as of April 1st. Playstation will probably focus on some of their more popular titles at least to begin with so you can expect to have your kids begging you for the new Sonic game soon enough whilst adults will be hoping for some more of the intense titles like Assassin’s Creed only not just focused on ships as the readily available Pirates game is.

One thing I have to wonder about what they're doing is will they port older Playstation games for the mobile? I ask because Square Enix, a game publisher who is most well known for their Playstation games, even though they make them for multiple platforms, have already been selling ported versions of older games. Final Fantasy 1-6 can all be brought on the phone now for around £10.99 each. It's expensive for a phone game but cheaper than it would have been to buy the Final Fantasy 3 port for the Nintendo DS when it was new. This can be a great way to revitalise old series or even to make money out of currently popular series. Phones now have better graphics then the Playstation did when it was first released so it would make sense.

The only thing that might make releasing full games as apps awkward is saving. When people are playing games on their phone they want to be able to easily put their phone down at any point. Playstation games often either have an automatic save or you have to find save points and that isn’t going to be practical for this market so whether they focus on purely new games or draw on some of the old that is going to have to be something they work on.

As it is Sony have just said that they won't be starting the way Nintendo currently have. The first app released by Nintendo this month was Miitomo which is essentially a kids social media service masked as a mobile game. It looks cute and fun but it's not what many gamers are after. From the off you'll be able to expect fully fledged games from Sony but it might mean that they'll take a little longer to release.

Hopefully after April 1st we'll know a little more but for now this is very exciting news.

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