Fullscreen's Video Subscription Service is Building off of YouTube

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When YouTube Red was announced, along with some of their most popular stars announcing shows, many fans were excited. YouTube Red, however, has only really had a couple of shows, most of them seeming very similar to what their fans could view online. Now Fullscreen, who started out as a talent agency who helped people get deals on social media, is starting their own digital video package and they're bringing some YouTubers with them.

It's not really surprising that most YouTubers would like to bring their videos to a bigger screen. They can get paid more money for TV and films than most will earn from YouTube. As such, it probably wouldn't be a surprise that they hoped to make more of themselves on YouTube Red, but for some of them, those types of shows might not have been what they were hoping to do. Fullscreen is taking YouTubers and either making brand new content or altering what they already doto create something vaguely new. However, if these videos are something they already do, the Fullscreen versions will be extras with the originals still free.

Fullscreen doesn't  look like a serious subscription service, but it's definitely one aimed at teenagers. As well as these new shows they'll be showing re-runs of old shows like Dawson's Creek and Suburgatory, as well as classic teen movies like Cruel Intentions. The original content featuring YouTube stars includes; a silly superhero show with Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart that does look kind of funny, a spoof show mocking all the other teen shows there have been and then chat shows as well. One of the chat shows is just a videoed version of Shane Dawson's regular podcast, so people can choose to see him holding these interviews, but if they can't pay for Fullscreen they can still listen to the podcasts. YouTube Red might have a few more features like being able to listen to audio without adverts or the ability to watch their videos offline, but is that going to be enough?

Fullscreen also have a channel on YouTube filled with clips of these stars as well as clips and trailers for the service. It's a smart way for them to connect the two together as otherwise their target audience might not even hear about Fullscreen.It's possibly not something YouTube are happy about, but it's nothing they can prevent. This is going to be the sort of thing that Fullscreen know about, working social media to endorse their channel.

YouTube are definitely going to face stiff competition from Fullscreen, especially since Fullscreen only costs $4.99 a month for users worldwide whilst YouTube Red costs $9.99. That's a pretty big difference for teenagers. Fullscreen is still new so in a few months we can see whether they're actually viable competition for YouTube, or destined to fade into obscurity.
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