Girls Who Code Premiere New Series on YouTube

Girls Who Code
Hopefully before too long we'll reach the point where coding is a taught subject in most, if not all schools. Knowing about coding vastly improves your job prospects, and allows you to gain a more intimidate knowledge of how the internet functions beneath the bonnet.

At present, much like many other computer-based practices, coding is very male-centric. Similarly to gaming programming, or game journalism, many women and girls have decided that the best way to push back against this is to make examples of the female practitioners.

This is the thinking that gave rise to Girls Who Code, a program intended to teach girls how to code, and then use it to find the ideal career path. Now, they've started screening a series on YouTube dedicated to showcasing girls who are already avid coders. In each episode, they discuss different aspects of coding, as well as their day-to-day lives.

There are 10 episodes featured, with the promise of more to come soon. All the girls featured are alumnae of the Girls Who Code program, and markedly very different people, as far from the bedroom coder stereotype as you can get, which is likely by design. Judging from the intro, the show is more aimed at people who don't necessarily know that much about coding, and sets out to foster more interest in it, hopefully thereby bringing more people into the program.

Largely though, the show is planning to fight against the stereotypes levied against girl coders, and coders in general. Stigma can often stand in the way of progress, and the sooner coding's 'nerdy' labels are stripped away, the better it will be for generations currently in school.
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