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Sometimes when you're scrolling through people's Instagram accounts, you can't help but notice their beautifully curated images. Some of these photos wouldn't look out of place on a site like DeviantArt or being sold as a print in a gallery. I think all photographers wish they could do something amazing with their work but many people either don't have the knowledge, the products or just don't have the time. But Hippo is trying to change that.

Hippo is a new, free, third-party app that allows you to browse carefully curated collections and ask for those users help with your own photography. Now this app isn't a case of do this photo for me and then I'll post it and claim it completely as my own. If you're going to post a photo edited by someone else on then you should credit the person who has edited it. It's one thing to want your account to look better but another entirely to steal someone else's hard work. This also goes for photos you submit as they will not work on a stolen photo. Hippo is a great app idea but it's an app that requires a collaborative effort.

If the app still appeals to you then there are some other things you need to know. For instance, Hippo won't work on just any photo and this isn't them being elitist. The best edited photos are going to be the ones that had something to them in the first place. Your selfie isn't going to give anyone much to work with unless you want them to make you look like someone else and there are plenty of unprofessional photo editors who will be willing to do that for you online. It's the same with shots of your dinner or even just quick snaps of your pets. What editors on Hippo are after are good quality pictures that tell a story or have something to work with. A good shot of a city could become better lighted or a picture of a woman could become a beautiful graphic that wouldn't look out of place in an online gallery. Both photographers and editors work hard on Hippo and you can see that in their work. If you want to see how a photo originally looked then you just have to hold down on the edited photo and you'll see the original. If you decide that you don't want to share a photo anymore then it still belongs to you and they'll remove it from their app if you stop sharing it.

If you're an editor yourself then you can apply to edit for the app. The more editors available, the more photos people can share and see how people work on them. This app could wind up being a truly amazing service and more people definitely need to give it a try.

Hippo Pics is available worldwide in the iOS store now.

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