Blizzard's New FPS Overwatch Release Made Larger-Than-Life

Blizzard Entertainment has been rocking the gaming world since its inception in 1991. Drawing on the success of its previous titles (for example, World of Warcraft, one of the highest-subscribed MMORPGs of all time, reaching 12 million subscribers in its prime and surviving for 5 expansions over a decade) the company has continued to release polished, well-received games. Currently, Diablo's cult-following is dredging through Torment mode, Heroes of the Storm players are relishing in their eSports inclusion, and Starcraft players are inputting 200 APM (actions per minute) in game; it's not hard to see why Blizzard's brassy, new take on the FPS has fans scrabbling for more.

After releasing an enticing graphic announcing "Agents Activating" on the Overwatch Twitter, fans of Blizzard Entertainment's team-based shooter quickly began speculating. It wasn't long before diligent Twitter and Reddit users deduced the meaning behind the map. Showing coordinates in Hollywood, Paris, and Busan, Korea, Blizzard wanted their life-sized, MIB (mint in box) figures to be found by those willing to look. The special event, meant to spread awareness of the game's release on May 24, has been a rousing success.

The heroes featured are Tracer on Hollywood Boulevard, Genji outside Pompidou Center, and Pharah at a Blizzard-hosted Overwatch launch event at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center. Standing 15-feet tall, the impeccably detailed figures are displayed as collectible boxed action figures, complete with weapon accessories and key descriptions. A handy "Try Me" button will even light the box up and play a voice recording. As of now, the figures are slotted to be promotional items only (according to box details), not available for purchase in the future regardless of size.

Video Overwatch Pharah - Over Sized Figure in South Korea - OGN from Overwatch
Steve Wang is the confirmed creator of the Tracer statue, while the other two remain uncredited. For those interested in seeing more, enjoy this collection of pictures compiled by Redditor MartyHasBeard.

Overwatch will be available on the PC, boasting superior graphics (depending on the computer) and gameplay, as well as on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Earlier this month, 9.7 million players across all platforms got a chance to play Overwatch in open beta over 7 days. Blizzard even released an infographic detailing the event.

Now enjoy some pictures of these amazing heroes. Pharah, however, remains shrouded in mystery, not surfacing much on social media.

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