David Cameron Isn't On Tinder But Something Political is in The Works

In the US, there are some great stories about how Tinder and politics have been intertwined to create these original and interesting campaigns. First, we had the Bernie Sanders supporters asking the users who swiped yes on them to go Democrat and vote for Bernie. After that, Tinder seemed to have realised that some users on there cared about politics and they decided to create Swipe The Vote. The feature was designed to help American users decide who to vote for with a quiz that would match their views to the political claims. Now rumors have been suggesting that the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is going to pop up on Tinder with adverts for the EU referendum. Unfortunately, that has turned out to be false.

UK politics has never really been that focused on social media and that is starting to be a little weird. Cameron recently met with representatives of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Buzzfeed, Bite The Ballot and Tinder to find ways to connect with young voters. This is going to be important with the EU referendum being this year and could be helpful with any other elections in the future. However, nothing was officially decided.

It's not known why one newspaper thought that the Tinder deal had happened. The staff at Downing Street have since confirmed that David Cameron will not be popping up on Tinder and the BBC reported so, revealing that two of the companies there might be working on something in the future. I suppose we should just be glad that users are not going to be spammed with more adverts yet.

Tinder and Bite The Ballot are the ones with something in the works, but they aren't willing to release any information yet. As annoying as adverts disguised as profiles might be, we do need more things like that in the UK. There are many young people not taking as much notice in politics who are spending a lot of time on social media.

As we get more information we will report on it, but for now, there's not as much to make fun of than people thought.

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