Erika Lust Brings SFW Pornography to YouTube

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Contrary to what you might think, there is plenty of porn on YouTube, it just doesn't stay up for very long. It used to happen more often, with content staying up for as long as it took for some sensitive soul to flag it, but the upload process is a lot better at ironing out the kinks now than it used to be. Many people (most of whom are presumably trying to promote more explicit content on their own sites) will upload clips or intro sequences in the hopes of coaxing the horny masses away like some sort of perverted Pied Piper, but there's never been porn developed specifically for YouTube until now.

Well, there was 'PG Porn', but that was a parody, and anyone masturbating to it should probably seek out a therapist. This is actually meant to serve the same purpose as actual porn, just without the actual explicit imagery. Presumably, in this case, the actors involved aren't actually doing the bad thing, either, which might make it more suitable for people who question the morality of porn.

Erika Lust is more well known for raunchy photo-shoots or videos which do actually feature naughty bits, but she's eschewed them in favour of videos which focus on romance and eroticism in this case. The first one, 'Do You Find My Feet Suckable', is embedded below. It is technically SFW, but you might want to explain to anyone sat near you why you're actually watching it, otherwise questions may arise, since it is still very, very erotic, especially if you're into feet.

The idea, according to Erika herself, is to create videos which are just as erotic, but suggestively, rather than explicitly. It's been said by many in the past that what you don't show is often as titillating as what you do, and a large contingent of pornography actually uses storytelling to present the sex, rather than just putting two naked people in a room, filming it and then handing them some money (I assume that's how it works).

Before this, Erika's main MO was to create content that appealed more to women, as most porn is primarily aimed at men, even the porn with no women in it, since gay men tend to find different things attractive than heterosexual women (duh). Lust's approach also comes from a frustration from the lack of variety in erotic content in this day and age, and she aims to represent all sexual preferences as fairly as she can.

The narrative part is certainly well accounted for in the first video, as (spoiler alert) it all turns out to be a sexy daydream, but thankfully the guy having the daydream didn't get quite as swept up in it as that guy did in that Sonique video (NOSTALGIA BLAST). It's cute, and it's easy to imagine a myriad of other ways you could approach the idea of 'softer-than-soft-core' porn.

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