Facebook May Let Users Record and Share Video Comments Soon

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Video really is the thing Facebook is pushing hard right now and what some users are beginning to see is the next step for them. At the moment, you can post a video and someone can comment or post a picture in response. Now users may be able to record short videos and post them as comments. This feature is being tested on iOS, Android and the desktop site.

Some users are now seeing a little pop up box above the camera icon on the comment box alerting them to the fact they can now post video comments. For app users who have the feature, you just need to tap the camera icon like you would for a picture and then you can upload a video already on your camera or quickly record a new clip. We don't have any details on the desktop version, but it'll probably work in a similar to way as picture comments already work on desktop too. Obviously, video responses should be short for easy accessibility, but Facebook are hoping that this will encourage more users to create and share video.

This update does have a ring of Snapchat to it. The videos aren't private and they aren't deleted once they're opened, as Facebook never managed that successfully, but they do want user responses. At the moment MSQRD has nothing to do with this feature, but if it works out, it might eventually. Facebook have made no secret of the fact that they want Snapchat or at least something like it and aside from MSQRD, this is probably as close as they're going to get.

At the moment this feature is still in the testing stages so if people don't use it then it shouldn't be rolled out. Video is still an awkward thing on Facebook as while some users are adopting it, others still find it an annoyance and aren't likely to record anything any time soon. Facebook are hoping for the opposite result though and that if users like this feature, they'll start streaming more.

It seems likely that Facebook will keep pushing this until people are using it so expect to see video comments on your status updates soon.

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