Facebook's Live Video Map lets you See Streams Around the World

Another update on Facebook's video push is here and this time it focuses on their Live service. Facebook have released a live map similar to Periscope's mobile map. This basic feature should make it easier to see what exactly is going on with a stream.

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Essentially what this feature does is show you a map of the world. The map is scattered with blue dots which indicate a stream being aired there. On the left of the map you'll see a bar that has a list of worldwide streams that have gone viral. These will usually be from TV stations, musicians or anyone who is famous online. These streams will have an image and a little more information on the person, but for the rest of the streams, you have to click a dot to find out anything more. You can watch the stream and leave comments if you're signed in and so wish.

When you have clicked on a dot you can also see where other viewers are watching from. Lines will spread out from the stream towards the location of the viewer so you can see if something is truly global. Some streams won't really have much of a spread due to what the stream is about, but some of the more viral videos may have a lot of lines. This is going to be a great thing for Facebook as well because they want people using video and this is one way for them to really see that they are.

This should hopefully help encourage more users to stream on Facebook because they now have the ability to easily see how many live streams there are out there. You can see how many viewers there are and you can see how random some of the things are out there. You might not see much of interest, but hey, you could find something fun or maybe someone will be streaming one of their pets or something else cute.

Facebook's next video update will most probably be the inclusion of adverts. Apparently users are watching streams for three times as long as normal videos so this could be good for advertising.

If you're curious and you want to check the live map out here.

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