Fashion and Retail Brands Are Getting Social With Snapchat

When it comes to fashion and beauty you need visuals to want to engage or get excited and that's something brands need to keep in mind when it comes to social media. One of those visual social networks is getting fashion users more slowly than expected, but it is slowly getting there. Snapchat has over 100 million daily users and has a higher engagement rate than Instagram. If you're in fashion you need to be able to get your messages out regularly and Snapchat might be the best app to do so.

With only a few brands really using Snapchat right now, there's less competition so this makes it easier to make deals. It also means that you're going to grab more of the teenage and young adult customers so it really is worth taking the risk to get on there. Admittedly there are reasons a lot of the big brands aren't stepping onto Snapchat. A lot of big name social media marketers are saying that they don't have enough information on Snapchat to be able to tell companies that it's worth it. Other reasons might be that companies don't have enough members of staff to be able to create great Snapchat content and they can't queue it to the side to show it to their bosses before sharing it. You have to be able to plan things out in advance and then hope you get the perfect shot when it comes to Snapchat. Of course, if they want to utilise Snapchat, but not create an account, they could just pay for a sponsored filter for a short period of time instead. Personally I think Snapchat is a great medium to use for a visual market like fashion or beauty.

British fashion retailer Asos had the sense to get onto Snapchat back in 2013. Since then they've been regularly sending snaps because they know there are potential customers on there. As well as the regular content, they also post Snapchat related things on their blog. This means they post entries about face swaps, tips of what you can do and who you should follow on there. It's all neatly done and well organised. This could work well for not only getting current users excited but also to show potential users what they could do and see on Snapchat.

An example of a bigger name designer who uses Snapchat is Valentino. They snap regularly and often give people a peek into their showroom and their stores to highlight their products. As well as this, they tend to use emojis and playful fonts in a way that looks really informal, but make the snaps more personal. Valentino are a big name and sell expensive clothing so for their Snapchat account to be so personal and attractive to younger consumers is interesting as they're more likely to be willing to beg for or save up for something they consider designer and aimed at them.

Whether they're a well-known beauty product or clothes store or whether they're a designer label, there are going to be positives about being on Snapchat. They can't keep selling things to older consumers, they need to attract younger people and Snapchat is the best way to go about it. There are more than two brands going about it already and those that haven't might want to think about getting on there too.

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