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It's all very well using social media to promote some bright idea you've had and pull in the funding you need to get it off the ground, but before any of that you actually need to have an idea, and you need to be assured that it's actually worth pursuing. We can't all be struck by inspiration while we're out for a leisurely walk (Nikola Tesla) or figure out geometry from watching a fly buzz around your head while you're sleeping in (René Descartes), some of us have to focus test our bright ideas.

This is where Flare comes in. It was developed by GoDaddy, a company which offers domain and hosting help to small businesses. Now, it seems, they want to have a hand in getting those businesses started. Essentially, any time you get an idea, whatever it might be, you post it on Flare, and other uses have the ability to hit the 'love' button. If it gets 10 'loves' within 24 hours, you can then ask the community more specific questions about the idea, what works, what doesn't. Other users can at this point also pledge to buy your item or invest in your business if it comes to fruition.

In terms of other people's ideas, you'll see 3 of them every time you boot up the app, and tapping on any of them will take you to that idea's main page, so you can learn more, and smash the love button (I'm aware how dirty that sounds, but I'm not changing it). There's also a snooze button, if you'd rather look at an idea properly later, or if you aren't interested at all, you can skip it, Tinder styley.

The idea profile pages are very basic, just an image, a short description, and a share button for your various social media pages. This is by no means limited to pre-existing businesses or seasoned marketers, anyone and everyone can use it, in the same way that anyone can use Kickstarter or Indiegogo, the idea is to encourage people to invent their own jobs and bring a little bit more self-sufficiency into the world. We're speeding headfirst into a world where startups make up the core of the business sector, and it's far from a bad thing. It's good to see more apps setting out to foster this kind of creativity.

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