French Teen's Suicide Supposedly Live Streamed On Instagram

Unfortunately with the world and social media the way it is, it's too easy for teenagers to want to commit suicide and even to share it. It's incredibly depressing and morbid, but that seems to be the way it is. A nineteen-year old woman in France has supposedly committed suicide on a Periscope stream.


The French authorities currently cannot confirm that the woman in the video was the person who committed suicide, but the user made it known that her intention was to commit suicide in that video. She also texted someone beforehand to let them know of her intentions minutes before she died. During the live stream she was speaking to more than 1000 followers. She introduced who she was and said that she worked in a retirement home and said she was recording this not to create a buzz but to get an honest reaction. You have to wonder if everyone knew what they were watching as some of the comments that popped up included things like "always a pleasure to see you" and "give us a hint". You know some people will have known and were probably encouraging her and that's worrying, but it's something we've come to expect with anonymity on the internet. At one point she moves and the video suddenly goes black and there's no sound for a few minutes until an emergency worker says he's under the train with the victim.

The saddest thing about this is that not only does it sound as if no one was trying to stop her, was that all she wanted people to do is react. All she thought this was good for was to get people to respond to her reactions. We don't know enough to know if she felt she was worthless or if the woman recording really did commit suicide. What if this was all just a stunt? It's horrible to even ponder that and extremely doubtful, but at the moment it is still a possibility, just one we don't really want to talk about.

The fact of the matter is still that someone live-streamed a supposed suicide and it's alarming that some people consider that acceptable and do nothing. The French officials are looking into this and I expect information will be released to the public once they know. You can find clips of the video on YouTube if you're curious, but the suicide itself has been removed.

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