LinkedIn to Launch Their Own Instant Articles Feature

Most of the time when you hear about LinkedIn these days, it's talk about statistics and how well, or not so well, they're doing. In a way it seems as if they could slowly be on their way out, but this news seems to prove otherwise. LinkedIn are now in talks with various publishers about releasing their own instant article feature, allowing users to come across news whilst interacting with others in a business like setting.

LinkedIn is a very different social media service to most of the others around. It's not one that you go on to waste five minutes, it's simply one you use to make potential contacts or to help you find a new job. It is a great service for people who are invested in their career or business, but one that perhaps people could do with spending a little more time on. Apparently more and more users in Asia are starting to use the app, but that isn't really going to be enough. According to LinkedIn, a lot of the content on there does rely on business news and blog posts from high influencers. If they make any deals with publishers, then this could change who these high influencers are. Instant articles have allowed Facebook users to find more topics to talk about and have encouraged more users to check them regularly. For LinkedIn it could help users work out what they should be talking about and sharing on their accounts. If someone is a publisher, then they might share articles on books, or an accountant might share articles on banks. These are things that might seem pointless to share separately, but they could highlight the fact that the user is keeping up with what is going on in their world.

In preparation for this, LinkedIn brought business news platform Pulse. They've integrated it into their service and more users are accessing the news on there. LinkedIn do need to keep up to date and this was possibly the best way for them to do so. The integration would probably change as they started to publish their own articles, but it would work in pretty much the same way as Facebook's integration. The only worry is that not as many users access LinkedIn as they do Facebook so will the news and publishing sites see much sense in sharing their articles on there?

If the publishers get on board with this, then it really could help LinkedIn's user growth. Easier access to the articles should help improve LinkedIn's reputation as the go-to source for business news.

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