Nintendo's Game Plan for Their Next Two Apps


These games aren't going to be companion apps or a direct port of any of the older games in these series. We don't have much information on either of these games, but a translation of an interview suggests that they will be fully developed games that have been made so they can be played on a mobile device. This might suggest that they'll be over simplified due to control limits or overcomplicated in that it's a fully fledged game on a mobile device. These games are apparently going to be fully engaging roleplaying games and I feel confident in saying that they should be able to make this workfrom how they've made Miitomo, an app that's so different from their other games, work. Gameplay will have to be different and it may bring new styles of gameplay to these game series, but it'll still be interesting to see what exactly they do with them.

Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima seems pretty confident about these games. They did take a risk with Miitomo, a risk that seems to have worked out well and these games will be less of one. In Japan there already are fully fledged games being released for smart phones, games that when translated are released on Nintendo consoles over here. It's amazing to think how long that has been going on and how much phones have changed over the years and it's actually kind of surprising that Nintendo have taken so long to release mobile games. What's even more surprising are that one of the titles they've decided to release first is a Fire Emblem game. Animal Crossing makes sense as it's cute and quite simple. They'll easily be able to create a new game for kids and sell it and in that line of thinking, Mario might have been a good idea. Instead, they're going to have to try something completely different with Fire Emblem, a series that maybe isn't as hugely popular. They were hoping to encourage a diverse group of gamers and those who will want to play a Fire Emblem game might not want to play an Animal Crossing game and vice versa.

As more details on these games are released we will let you know, but for now we can all hope that Nintendo is onto a great thing. Both games are expected to be released in the autumn of this year.

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