Periscope Streams No Longer Have To Disappear After 24 Hours

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As great as knowing your images and video can disappear is, some things that you do, you want to be able to keep a reminder of. If you spend a long time on a stream or a video, you're going to want to be able to re-watch and continue to share it. People streaming on YouTube already have the opportunity to keep their streams and now Periscope users will be able to do so as well.

Twitter have recently realised that video is what they need to focus on for now and the beauty of them owning Periscope means that they can share their streams on their Twitter accounts. But if you miss the stream and don't notice it for a long while, then you'll have missed your chance. Twitter have realised that people want more than that and are giving users the opportunity to save their streams. For now they've come up with a solution, but it's not a permanent one. If you add #save to your stream's title from now, you will be able to save your stream and people can continue to watch it from either your Twitter or Periscope account. They are trying to build up another solution, probably something like a button you can tick to save whenever you want to keep a stream, but for now you do have to make the effort to type out that you want to save your stream.

This seems like a good idea because people are beginning to grow bored with disappearing videos and images. People like to send some things privately, but if you've made something public in the first place, it's not something you expect to disappear. This has always been a problem for Periscope and even though some people have found fame on it, it's not as easy as other video services as people can't go back and watch their favourites. It's also not a service that anyone can make any money out of. Yes, some people might be well-known on there, but no one is going to sponsor someone to show or mention something for a mere 24 hours as enough people might not be able to see it to make it worth the payment. With Periscope streams now lasting longer, you can expect to see sponsored videos and items like you will on YouTube and other places.

This little news item might have come as a surprise, but it does suggest that Twitter is backing Periscope to last for a long time and they want to give their users the chance to have their streams last for just as long.

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