#RoadRage - Instagram Study Outs Furious Drivers

I have a theory about driving - I think it can act as a window into the true nature of people. Through all our complex mannerisms, vocal ticks and ways of dealing with the world, driving simplifies it all. Bravery, stupidity, fear, empathy, politeness, and crucially, anger. I'm no stranger to a bit of road rage, it's never affected my driving ability, but I regularly let fly a barrage of swear words at whichever person just did something utterly moronic ahead of, behind or next to me, knowing that they will just bounce harmlessly around the interior of the car.

Some people are a bit more susceptible though, and it can lead to some distinctly unpleasant situations. In fact, it's becoming increasingly common. Instagram is fast becoming the most direct, streamlined way to track certain cultural phenomena, we've had guns, and now we have road rage.

Digital Trends
Auto Insurance Cover sifted through over 65,000 Instagram posts, every single one of them affixed with the #RoadRage banner. The findings were rather intriguing. It was quickly discovered, for instance, that August is the worst month for road raging in the States, presumably due to so many vacationers hauling their loud families around, trying to make sense of an unfamiliar state whilst also coping with the blistering heat and constant chimes of "are we there yet?" from the back seat.

Friday tends to be the worst day for driver fury, which makes sense when you consider that people are carrying a whole weeks' worth of stress around with them, and are likely impatient to get home and drink themselves stupid. That also goes some way to explaining why post frequency also goes up between 5 and 7pm.

Digital Trends
Where it gets really interesting is the geography. Hawaii is actually one of the worst states for it, and again that probably relates to the huge influx of tourists, but Los Angeles is the worst city by far, predictably followed by New York. Third, bizarrely, is Mount Pleasant in North Carolina. It's important to note, however, that people who hashtag road rage probably aren't seeing or experiencing the real, dangerous kind, just a lesser shade of it, but seeing which areas feature more, albeit mild, driver anger plays into the bigger picture, and certainly LA and NY are rife with stories of anger induced accidents.

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