Sickhouse - The Film That Premiered on Snapchat


Ingenious Media clearly live up to their name from time to time. The small film company recently produced a horror/thriller by the name of Sickhouse, and rather than doing something normal and bland like releasing it on a streaming service, they very quietly put it up on Snapchat. Yes, you read that right. Snap. Chat.

The film does have thematic ties to the sort-of-but-not-really photo messaging app. It involves a group of teens (shocker) who head into the woods to fuel their social media obsession with a slew of live posts about a creepy house out in the woods called, you guessed it, the 'sickhouse'. It doesn't go very well, it never goes very well.

The film was shot in real time, and designed for mobile viewing from the ground up. It will be out on other platforms, obviously, but initially it was very quietly put out on Snapchat literally as it was happening. It was shot from April 29th to May 3rd, so people could follow the narrative as it was going on, effectively. The full release or 'director's cut' will feature new footage and probably much sharper editing.

The project pulled in millions of views, and can now forever declare itself as the first 'made for mobile' feature film. The plot may not be the most original, even the idea of a narrative focus on social media addicts is fairly common in contemporary horror, but the format and execution is groundbreaking. The full feature will drop on June 1st, according to Mashable.

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