Student Landed Internship from Snapchat Filter and You Can Too

Well, you might not be able to make a successful Snapchat filter, but like Graham Allgood, you might be able to do something. Allgood is a university student who has been looking for an internship for this summer. He decided the best way to promote himself to Horizon Media was to design a Snapchat geofilter targeted at them on the day they would update their Snapchat.

This was a pretty clever idea and one that could have flopped quite easily. Allgood designed a sleek filter with the company's details and a little square in the corner saying hire me. His name was at the bottom and it worked pretty quickly. On Tuesday when Horizon Media went to go send their usual snaps, they spotted the filter and were impressed by what they saw. Eventually, they called him up and they informed him there wasn't a role at the time, but they've since found something for him and he'll be an intern for them working on their Snapchat. That's pretty impressive and definitely something that many people would aim for.

Business Insider

It might seem like something that he can do as he's talented and you wouldn't even be able to attempt something similar as you don't have the same skillset. That doesn't mean that you can't do something, though. Social media is a great way to connect with both people and companies. If you can find a way to sell what you can do on there, then you should do it and put those skills to good use. If you want to become a writer, then be interacting with the publications you want to write for, create your own blog and share those articles. If you want to work in a graphical form, then you can be using Instagram to again contact those companies and share your own work. Sometimes the usual send out a C.V and hope what you're doing on the side works, but sometimes you need to take the side products to the next level.

Allgood focused on one company and used his skills to show what he could do for them on social media. He had to pay to do so but it paid off. Most social media you won't have to pay to do this sort of thing. Show companies an article on something they might do, a redesign of their website, show them you can tweet or share on Facebook in a way that they want.

For Allgood, this was a success and he'll be starting this internship this summer and hopefully, this will prove to others that they can get their dream job using social media too.

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