Tap Strap Wearable Bluetooth Keyboard Means Typing on Any Surface, Anywhere

If, like me, you dread typing  out long texts on your phone's no-longer-tiny-but-still-difficult screen, then the Tap Strap might just be your next major purchase. Joining the waiting list now will get you a spot somewhere around 4000th place.

Made of a flexible smart-fabric, the strap is embedded with sensors which monitors the mechanical information of the hand and fingers to collect raw data. That data is processed by an MCU (microcontroller) to decode into key presses. The finger tap combinations are then transmitted over Bluetooth. The strap can be paired with any Bluetooth-capable device including iOS or Android phones and tablets, computers, and smart TVs.

Right- or left-handed, it doesn't matter with Tap; wear two if you like. Simply slip the strap onto the desired hand, up to the knuckles, and you're able to enter text, characters, symbols and punctuation, turning the surface of your choosing into a virtual keyboard. Input is all done through gestures which are learned on the TapGenius app with a total of 31 possible finger taps reported by Digital Trends. Each finger represents a vowel, and by combining fingers different letters and symbols are created.

Tap With Us

This technology, while appealing to phone users, takes on a different light when considering the implications of a virtual keyboard for smartwatches and other wearable tech. Text input of any kind is awkward on devices that use virtual or augmented reality. The Tap Strap is meant to fill this role by offering an intuitive method of typing while engaged in new tech.

Benefiting from the technical prowess of founder Ron Poliakine, co-founder and former NASA engineer Sabrina Kemeny, and engineer David Schick, the Tap Strap is entering a market with no real competition. Set to hit stores by the end of the year with a supposed early release for the blind and visually-impaired, Tap Systems also offers a developer's kit to further test the merits of their project.

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