Twitter and Spotify Team Up to Play Music on it's Audio Cards

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Twitter really are pushing music to the front of their service right now and after the recent addition of playable playlists on Twitter, users can now share more music on their accounts through Spotify. SoundCloud embeds and iTunes previews were one thing, but being about to play music through Spotify was a pretty big step.

In the past, the audio cards could only play music when you were actually looking at the tweet. This wasn't so bad if it was short, but it meant that Twitter wasn't very musical. Even their playlists you have to keep open whilst you listen. But this deal with Spotify will allow users to dock the player in the corner of Twitter and then keep on scrolling. This is great if you spend a lot of time on Twitter as it means you can have music you discover playing in the background as you keep on looking through tweets.

This deal was great news for both Spotify and for Twitter. Spotify is trying to catch up with Apple Music and is pretty so close to doing so. This should bring them even closer as usually with Spotify you do need to be a member to listen to the music on other sites. That can kind of suck if you don't have a Spotify account, but this should encourage more users to subscribe. This is also great for Twitter as users will be able to have more of a conversation about music. If you can easily share a song then more users may re-tweet or reply to the tweet and this will help the music be spread across the service.

Media is definitely the area that social media needs to be focusing on and were Facebook are focused on video, Twitter is still focused on music as they have video capabilities on the side with Periscope. Though this feature is great, it's not one that will probably draw many new users in which is what Twitter needs and it's only really great for users willing to spend a lot of time on there. If you just pop on and off, then it won't make much difference. Spotify is focused on 30 seconds previews for now, but this will probably improve as more users start tweeting using Spotify.

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