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Twitter used to have a button known as the Connect tab, but it was just a fancy name for the notifications tab but now it's becoming something that will actually allow users to connect. This tab is a basically a reboot of the Find People one, but it has some improvements.

As most Twitter users are now mobile, you can use the Connect tab to sync your contacts with your Twitter friends. This was possible previously, but this is a more refined attempt at it that should be easy to find if you don't just want to do it after you have signed in to your account. This tab will also continue to show you recommended accounts to follow and that will be refined over time. So if you start following more comedy accounts than you had before, suddenly you'd start seeing more similar accounts and probably less of the previously recommended ones. Of course, this is all happening as Twitter want to encourage more engagement. You're not going to go on Twitter very often if you only follow a few people you know in real life as you can see that anywhere. The more people you follow now will help you find even more users that you'll be interested in. It's a good idea and the best way to handle recommendations. On some social media services if you accidentally like something, then you'll be recommended that user or similar and they'll likely be things that you don't want to see. In this case, unless you accidentally follow a bunch of users that you don't care about, Twitter isn't going to suggest that you follow them.

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Twitter are trying anything that can do to encourage user engagement. If users hear that they have to chance to explore more users and accounts, then they may be willing to get back on Twitter to see what it's like now and they'll hopefully follow more people when they do.

This isn't the only update Twitter has planned as they've also redesigned their mobile browser page to make it more easily accessible.

The Twitter Connect update has been rolled out now in the app on both iOS and Android phones.

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