After Accusation of Homophobia, Youtube Reinstates Account

Recon, a popular website for gay men with interests that may be considered rather racy, has recently had their videos removed from Youtube. They offer networking, videos, and a shop that sells products focused on the site's particular interests. Recon has never had any problems with content being taken down before, but YouTube recently suspended the account for violating terms and conditions. This seemed wrong considering similar videos of heterosexual couples were allowed on the video-sharing site. When BuzzFeed confronted YouTube about it, they quickly reinstated the account.

It's kind of weird what you can find on YouTube. Whether you like it or not, there will be sexually explicit videos. Recently, Erika Lust has started to introduce pornography onto YouTube that is technically SFW. Recon's videos are similar in that they don't show anything explicit, because that's not what they're trying to advertise. Videos are either interviews with people in the community or adverts for the products they sell. It's going to be very difficult to sell their products if they can't demonstrate their purpose. No one is going to buy a product based on a name and nothing else. Yes, their videos may be a little racy, but that is the whole point.

YouTube claimed that the account was suspended because they'd already issued three warnings. There isn't a place on Youtube for content that is sexually provocative, which they felt the videos were. However, if that is the case, then heterosexual content that is exactly the same in nature should be removed. Recon has argued that their content is only borderline provocative and was by no means full on or sexually explicit.

It does seem unlikely that YouTube would be purposely homophobic. Likely due to having such a huge online presence, the moment it was accused of homophobia, Youtube reinstated Recon's account. A lot of different content is allowed on Youtube, so it would be ridiculous to delete one account while others posting similar content remain active.

Recon is glad that their account is reinstated, but are upset that the views they had have been removed. It seems unlikely that Youtube will rig the views to show previous numbers. Recon may just have to be satisfied with having an active account, provided their content remains up this time.

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