Baileys Creating Instagram-Based Soap Opera #WhenCoffeeMetBaileys

Baileys Irish Cream Liquor is taking a crack at Instagram content by creating a comedy 'soap opera' to encourage imbibers to add Baileys to their coffee. Following the format of classic romantic comedies, When Coffee Met Baileys features a creamer dish, coffee cups, a Baileys bottle and a traditional espresso maker as the players in this divine drama (calling it divine is giving them too much credit). As advertising itself is the world's first social soap opera, it may well find success in its quirky, fun approach to this campaign.

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Starring Coffee Pot, the series will feature "his game of subterfuge as he strays from his lifelong partner Milk and discovers the delights of Baileys", and will release in eight parts over a two-week period according to Creativity. In collaboration with Mother, a London-based ad agency, each segment of the soap will appear on feeds of @baileysofficial followers in Great Britain. Taking advantage of Instagram's new carousel video feature, available to advertisers since May, the episodes will play in sequential order without interruption.

On 7 June, the first episode  was set to release. Currently, however, the only new content posted is another advert for the comedic soap.

A video posted by Baileys Irish Cream (@baileysofficial) on

In an attempt to harness the European market, Diageo, owner and producer of Baileys and other alcoholic brands, launched this campaign to relentlessly push the marriage of coffee and Baileys. The image overhaul should, hopefully, make the liquor into a regular purchase instead of being solely a Christmas affair. Keep refreshing their Instagram page. Maybe we'll get to see some lewd acts conspiring.

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