Dunkin' Donuts drops 'America' in New Brand Campaign

America isn't the only place running on Dunkin' anymore. What started out in Quincy, Massachusetts as a small coffee and doughnut shop has evolved into coffee competition for Starbucks, battler for crown of the circular pastry world against Krispy Kreme, and, simply put, a purveyor of fine breakfast sandwiches and sugar bombs. With over 3,100 stores existing worldwide across 30 countries, it's about time that the doughnut-peddler caught up.

Coming off of a slogan nearly a decade old and dripping of patriotism, the new brand platform attempts to appeal to everyone with a universally applicable mantra. 'Keep on' is the new catchphrase we'll see plastered on Dunkin' Donuts doors, boxes, bags, social media accounts, and maybe even some doughnuts that count themselves lucky enough to be christened anything at all before inevitable consumption. The meaning of this new tagline is summed up in their video, everyone has a workday or schedule to keep, a life to live, and that each day offers new chances. As consumers, we are encouraged to keep on "being you", hopefully with an iced coffee in hand to keep properly fueled.

According to Linda SanGiacomo, senior director of advertising and customer experience at Hill Holliday, the tagline is meant to build off of the "America Runs On Dunkin'" campaign. By calling attention to the unifying traits of Dunkin' Donuts customers, the new slogan is meant to really recognize their presence in the 'America' portion of their slogan, regardless of whether the customers are Americans or not.

The video above has already been released on YouTube, though the campaign has not gone fully public. It has yet to be seen on social media. On 7 June, the campaign will have its broadcast debut on America's Got Talent.

Am I the only one who can't help but cringe? It's great what they're trying to do with the slogan, hats off to them for valuing consumer individuality and progress, but doesn't anyone else see this as a simplified version of the 1939 motivational poster released during WWII by the British government? The traditional saying is, "Keep Calm and Carry On", but over the years the ending has been dropped to accommodate different interests. The Dunkin' Donuts tagline seems a more concise, action-based version.


Dunkin' has been international since 1977 or earlier, with its first venture being Canada. However, their international presence didn't seem overly important then considering that Dunkin' refused to translate their bags to French on request of the Quebec agriculture ministry. The result: 15,000 containers from 6 stores massacred by angry French-Canadians. Nowadays, their presence in different countries is accompanied by some regional menu additions. Kimchi-filled, cheese-topped, pandan-flavored, and saffron-pistachio donuts can be found at corresponding international locations.

Dunkin' Donuts new brand campaign focuses on recognizing the customer, and the little victories and struggles that daily life can bring. Let's hope that international or otherwise, customers can differentiate between Britain's Keep Calm And Carry On and Dunkin's #KeepOn.

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