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To many the idea of a Facebook app especially for photos seems kind of pointless. Facebook's Moments isn't a normal photo app so at least there's that, but a lot of users are still upset that they're being pushed to download it and many people are doing so because they're scared they'll lose all their photos otherwise.

The first thing that needs to be said is that Facebook isn't threatening to delete all your photos. Take a deep breath and settle down, Facebook isn't going on a mass delete of that scale. What Facebook will be deleting if you choose not to install Moments are the photos in your synced album. Some of these photos might not even matter to you and you may not have actually shared them. If you used photo sync as a backup, then you may either want to download all your photos or save them elsewhere, but some people had actually forgotten about photo sync. This problem only appears to really be affecting iOS users. The photo sync feature may have been working automatically and this means that a bunch of your photos may be stored in the photo sync folder. If this is the case, then you don't really have to worry. Chances are that you'll have those necessary photos saved elsewhere and if you don't then you probably don't care about them anymore.

Even if you don't want to install Moments you can still go through your photos to see what they've actually saved. On your phone, they'll be in a folder called Synced and on your desktop the folder is called Synced From Phone. If you don't have either of these folders on your Facebook then you've not got any synced photos and you only have to install Moments if you choose to.

As understandable as the switch is and as long as it's been in the works, you can understand users' frustration. Facebook have even been emailing users to tell them about this and the language is misleading. Even if you do realise that they only mean to delete your synced photos, some users may still feel pushed to install Moments. No one wants to be installing this many Facebook apps and they take up a lot of space. First, Facebook made you install Messenger and now this. The worst thing about this really is that Moments is now the number one app in the photo section of the iOS store and all because of a scare.

So check your albums and save any photos that you want to keep and if not then, well, only install Moments if you want to.

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