Facebook Live Introduce New Features

Facebook Live hasn't been about long, but Facebook is already working hard to make improvements. The latest update allows users to finally see why Facebook bought MSQRD among other things. These updates turn Facebook Live into a more serious video service.

The main update being rolled out to verified pages is the ability to invite guests to your live streams. Yes, this means that you can have multiple people streaming from different locations. This could be great for interviews, something that Facebook could use more of if they want their video service to be taken seriously. Facebook are saying that this could be more fun as it adds more variety to what people can actually do on Live. People will find plenty of things to do using it that maybe Facebook hasn't thought about like performances and things, but that probably won't be figured out until this feature has been around for a little while.

Other new features include the MSQRD feature I mentioned earlier. Essentially Facebook is taking MSQRD's filter technology and allowing their users to use the filters during live streams. This seems kind of obvious when you think about how Mark Zuckerberg announced he'd brought MSQRD as he did it in a video using an Iron Man filter. This is actually the sort of thing Facebook Live users like. It's fun and it means they can come up with something as crazy as the Chewbacca mask that went down so well on it.

As well as this, you can now schedule live video on Facebook. This means that you'll let your friends and followers know that you will be streaming a video and they can click on it and wait in a waiting area. This means you won't miss the start of anyone's video as you've been distracted by something else. Of course, this only works if you know you'll be able to stream then. There's no point in warning people a few minutes before as the waiting room will essentially serve no purpose.

These features won't be introduced until later this summer, though. These features will probably be slow to roll out, but they could all be useful in their own way.

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