Facebook Messenger Will Soon be the Only Way to Message

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Facebook have made no secret of the fact they want all users to be using their Messenger app. This year is supposed to be the year that they get people using Messenger even instead of texting and they've taken the next step towards that. Though you can't respond to messages in the Facebook app, you could still respond to messages in the browser. Soon you will no longer be able to do that.

The Messenger app is something that Facebook have been working hard on for a long time. They're trying to make it different from all the other messaging apps though stickers and some of the other things are still commonplace. Messenger does stand out in some ways with the Uber integration, hidden mini-games and so on, but not everyone is using it. Facebook want all their users to be willing to use Messenger, whether it's on the web or on the phone. Facebook users accessing their messages through web browsers have been receiving messages warning them that they won't be able to do this for much longer.

So what does this mean for users who don't want to install Messenger? Well, you might have to stick to responding to your messages on your computer for one thing. If you're like me and see little use for Messenger because you just don't talk to people over Facebook then it shouldn't be too much of a bother. You'll be emailed if you do receive a message so you can get on the computer and check it. Or worst comes to worst, install Messenger for the five minutes that you need it. Facebook think they can get everyone using Messenger, but there are plenty of people who even now won't install it. All Facebook have done is make receiving messages more of a pain and that's why people think that this might not be good news.

All that can really be said is that Facebook is serious about Messenger. People are caring less and less about seeing their newsfeed and just want to chat. Bots also mean that you don't even need to go to the website to order something or contact customer service. Facebook have gone as far as to create a Windows 10 Mobile app, even though Windows phones aren't doing hugely well. Soon the only way to use Facebook without Messenger on mobile will be to use Facebook Lite, which you can only really do in developing countries. Messenger uses a lot of data so it's understandable why many people won't want to install the app.

For now, if you try and access messages on your mobile browser you can close the notice and move on. In the summer, this message will be a barrier that you can't get past unless you install messenger. There isn't an exact date when this will happen, but you have been warned.

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