Microsite Impressify Transforms Pictures into Impressionism Style Masterpieces

An ever-changing, evolving medium of expression, art (at times indefinable and completely subject to differing interpretations of its merit) has come a long way from the first recorded examples of Greek sculpture and painting. Of course, art has been around since long before people started paying attention; arguably, ever since man came into being, tacking up prehistoric drawings and carvings on cave walls. Traipse through the prominent styles of each era and the immense difference in technique, trends, and traits are stark.

Take impressionism, a 19th century movement meant to show what an object, person, or scene would look like if the artist worked from a mere glimpse of it. Artists of this era (Monet, Manet, Renoir, Pissarro, Van Gogh, Degas), worked outdoors to allow the play of light and colour, unique to that day, to have a real influence on their work. Paintings that once depended on broad strokes and gradual colouring were replaced by truly unique artistic perceptions, "without detail but with bold colors."

A total removal from the current obsession with pop art and minimalism, it's hard to imagine something like impressionism finding a place in the modern world. Luckily, thanks to the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG), the 21st century can revel in the past from the comfort of phones or computers. Bringing the 20th century into the future, Impressify is a microsite that the NYBG has set up to create interest in their newest exhibition: Impressionism: American Gardens on Canvas.

Simply upload the desired picture to the Impressify site and four options for editing appear, including choosing the overall hue, brush length, brush width, and saturation. These editing options work as sliders, apart from choosing the hue, and can be continually adjusted to render a one-of-a-kind impressionist 'painting.'

The program was created by Madwell, a Brooklyn-based ad agency, and allows users to finish their personal impressionist piece as an animated GIF (above) or a picture (below). 
Take a look at these manipulated images, courtesy of #GARDENSONCANVAS

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