Pinterest are Making it Easier to Find and Buy Products

For a lot of people, Pinterest is essentially a social media service to collect ideas. Some people may use it to collect images for their dream wedding whilst others might use it to find images that inspire a story. No matter what you use it for, Pinterest is essentially an online mood board. For a while now though you've been able to buy some of the products you've seen securely through Pinterest themselves. This was great, but it wasn't always easy to find the things you wanted to buy that were actually purchasable. Now Pinterest has made a few updates that will make the whole process easier.

The first of the updates is an improved visual search. If you take a photo of a room or a particular object, Pinterest will scan the image and find similar products on the site. Not all of these will be purchasable, but it can help you find something similar to what you like. If the photo contains more than a single item, then a dot will appear over the item in the photo and you can tap on that to see things like that individual item. The search will appear at the bottom of the screen and there will be tags of different types of that item i.e pillows, pillow covers and the pattern that shows on the actual pillow itself. If you just have the idea of a theme, then this could also be very useful. As well as the improved visual search, Pinterest is also allowing brands to create pages so if you know you like a brand on there, you can access their page and go through all their products to see if there's anything you want to buy.

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Pinterest isn't just making it easier to search but is also making it easier to shop. They're now going to include a shopping cart. This means that if you like an object, but aren't sure you want to buy it then and there, you can add it to your cart. You can then pay later or remove it if you decide you don't actually want to buy it. You can also now buy things using the web as well as the apps or add something to your cart on one device but pay for it on another, which is good news for everyone.

This growing commerce sector of Pinterest is probably going to be their main selling point that keeps them online and these new updates have been rolled out now.

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