Recruiters are Trying to Make Job Hunt Apps More Fun


As time passes the younger generations will start looking for work and these young people will likely use apps rather than other services to help them find those jobs. The only problem with a lot of these apps is that they're dull and they're just lists upon lists of jobs to look through then apply to if you're interested. It can make you want to pull your hair out, but some recruiters are looking into new software to make job hunting easier and more attractive.

The old school job sites and apps still exist and won't disappear anytime soon. They're worth checking out still, but most people don't want to spend hours trawling through them. These new apps, however, do other things, a few of them just make applying for jobs so much quicker and others actually involve games and things to test the job seekers' skills. These seem like great ideas as they either test the users in a different way or they allow them to get on and get their name out there in a much quicker and easier way than they had before. Some of these apps work in a way that mixes the two efforts.

One of these apps is called Debut, it was made for university students and graduates looking for work. You have to fill in a profile rather than adding your C.V, which includes the usual general questions about your qualifications - though it's worth saying that they only ask what grades you for your A-Levels, not what the subjects were - and about nationality. They also ask whether you went to a state school or if you're the first person in your family to go to university which seems a little odd, but you don't have to answer those questions. Once you're on the app you get matches or can be talent spotted and there are also games run by different companies for you to play.These games look and see whether you would be a good fit for an interview and will pass your information to the company if you're a good fit. Of course, this is specifically for graduate jobs so if you've had a few jobs then it might not be a good fit, but if you still need to get on the career ladder, then it might help a little.

Other apps include a game released by Preloaded that was made for a specific fashion retailer to see how applicants would work in their shops and if they did well, they were granted an interview. When it comes to apps that are just quicker to use then there's also Job Today which just expects you to just fill in a form and allows you to chat with the people advertising the job. At the moment, Job Today is only available in London, but recruiters are supposed to respond within 24 hours so you know it's quick.

These apps, especially the gaming ones could help address some of the problems with job hunts. Even with education on how to write a C.V, a lot of careers are going to want someone with lots of experience and a really great C.V. For people without much of a clue how to write one, or someone who needs to show their skills rather than just write about them, these could be great. Younger people need to find work easier and these apps might make it not only easier but more attractive too.

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