Snapchat's Discover Redesign is Here

Snapchat mentioned a while back that they were redesigning their Discover feature and that has now been put into place. The new design has replaced the circle buttons with squares that give you a preview of some of the headlines that they'll feature. As well as this, you can subscribe, unsubscribe and see these sections all on your stories page.

The discover page is very neatly designed now with different sized squares for each publication. The publication displays a preview image with one of the headlines that will feature in that publication that day. It's helpful because you can look at that to help you decide if want to see more like it. If you don't then you won't click through for no reason. If you decide that you do like looking at a publication regularly then once you've tapped through the publication, you can swipe up at the end to subscribe. Then, it'll appear on the same page as your friend's stories and can work in the same way.

The only issue with this is that if you're subscribed to publications, then you're less likely to go onto the Discover feature. The reason why the feature works well is because publications may gain readers that wouldn't usually look at their website or buy their magazines. This could make the Discover feature seem like less of a good investment to some of the companies. Especially if users start unsubscribing from their publications so they don't have to see them.

It is possible that things won't change that much, though. With the new design people can see if other publications are worth viewing and some days people are going to be feeling nosy. This update is basically just one that has personalised the app a little more, something that their mostly teenage user base should appreciate. It's a way of making it so users only see what they're interested in without messing up the order snaps come in and so on.

This update is available now so if you want to check it out, make sure your app is fully up to date.

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