Texas Selfie Statue Causes Social Media Stir

Sugar Land, Texas has recently received a donation of 10 artworks from a local resident Sandy Levin through the Sugar Land Legacy Foundation. Adding to the city's public art, each piece in the collection is meant to capture the different ways that people spend time in the town. Placed in various hangout areas around town, specifically Sugar Land Memorial Park, Oyster Creek Park, and Fire Station 4, each location has at least one statue from the collection with Highland Park next on the list for installation. The Town Square's public plaza was christened with on May 27 with 2 new works: a man playing guitar and a pair of girls posing for a selfie.

Phone Arena

The sculptures are an attempt to immortalize humanity's brief occupation of Earth by casting replicas in bronze and thrusting them upon the bewildered citizens of Sugar Land. In all fairness, they look rather realistic, down to the slight crouch of the duo fittingly dubbed "Selfie".

A Texas Monthly article reveals the thoughts of Lindsay Davis, Sugar Land's cultural art manager, on the statue, "I don't know why that sculpture in particular has gotten so much attention ... Really, they're more like decorative statues than works of art. They aren't part of the city's art plan."

As a society, we in 2016 are no stranger to selfies. In fact, we've embraced their already deep-rooted presence with implements to make capture easier, clothing themed with damning or cheering opinions of the act, regulations for appropriateness, and pop culture integration. This statue is the first of its kind to make the selfie, and the behavior affiliated with it, into a tangible representation of our selfie culture. As with any good artwork, it has invoked some strong feelings.You might want some milk.

Ironically, social media isn't too happy about the statue.

It's not all bad though.

Really though, why does anybody feel entitled to gripe? Complaints carry less weight when coming from people who have undoubtedly taken selfies before. There are plenty of statues in the world celebrating the various past times of humans. The guitar player has been mimicked around the globe. Just think back, ever seen a statue of an elderly couple reclining on a park bench? There are jesters, angels, wolves, abstract pieces; my point being, how is this selfie statue any different?

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