The Most Addictive Sausage Fighting App is Here and it's Weird

Yes, I know, a sausage fighting app sounds as if it's going to be weird and yet, Sausage Legend is strangely addictive. Developed by Milk Co Ltd, the Japanese game is one of only two Milk Co games available in English and it's definitely a one of a kind. You might wonder why you'd even want to think about downloading a game where you play as a sausage, but I'd suggest downloading it and at least giving it a shot.

Sausage Legend is a very simple game to actually play so it is something you can download to waste a few minutes. You start as a hot dog and there's a tutorial to show you how to play. All you need to do is tap and hold your finger down on the screen until the bar fills up and then you release to make your sausage attack. You won't hit every time and neither will your opponent, but you can usually get through at least two opponents before you die. With each battle, you earn a few coins and at 300 coins you can usually buy a new sausage. The sausage that you get will be chosen at random so you have to hope you'll get something good. You see, there is some strategy to this game and each sausage has a set of stats for you to study. They have life, speed and power so you want to choose the sausage with the best of those stats in your opinion. I've been using sausages with high life and power which means I have to be willing to sacrifice speed. Some of your sausages will do better with different types of opponents due to their stats, but you can't change your sausage in the middle of the round. You also have to put up with the fact that you can't heal so once your health is low, you have to hope you'll survive.

It is a strange game and one that you do kind of want to laugh at. I only downloaded it because I was curious and then I couldn't put it down for a little while. It might not be a game you have on your phone for a long time but it is a fun little time waster. You don't need to pay for anything in the game and you can watch ads if you want to have another go at a fight or get extra coins. Sausage Legend is available on both the iOS and Google Play stores and is free to download.

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