Tinder are Attempting to Become Transgender Friendly

There have been a lot of stories out there on how unfriendly Tinder can be towards their trans users. Many users would find themselves having people ask unnecessary questions or being reported. A couple of months ago we were saying that this needed to be changed and apparently Tinder have finally taken notice and want to include some more gender and interest options.

The only problem is that this might not change the attitude of some users on Tinder. Transgender users may wind up with someone placing their gender option as an interest to either troll or ask impertinent questions. What this should help prevent is users reporting people for simply being transgender and on Tinder. There is always going to be the question as to how this is going to work with Tinder being a hook-up app. It doesn't seem like many users would be comfortable matching with them unless they're doing so for friendship purposes.

This is a step in the right direction, though. It might have taken far too long to rectify, but Tinder's CEO himself Sean Rad has at least acknowledged that there is a problem. What he has planned for the moment is just a few different options for gender and preferences but that could make all the difference. If users for some reason don't want to talk to trans users, then they can choose not to rather than reporting them, meaning that trans users can either find other trans people or just decent users who understand that the gender they were born biologically doesn't always have to mean something.

Tinder are currently working with LGBTQ+ advisors so trans users can feel comfortable with using the app. There are many people already using the app who are transgender but they've not all had the same experience as other users and that isn't fair. You can't say for certain that this will help, but this isn't a step that I expected Tinder to actually make. They don't exactly have the best reputation and it's not unfairly earned.

All Tinder wants its users to know is that everyone is welcome on their service and that is why this is coming into play.

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