Xbox App gets Streamlined Redesign

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It seems to be the time for app redesigns right now and the most recent app to be redone just happens to be the Xbox app. Previously this app was known as the Xbox One Smart Glass, but now it's just going to be the Xbox app.

The new app is being described as looking more like Windows 10 than ever before. This will hardly come as a surprise considering how Microsoft are essentially trying to streamline everything so it all works like Windows 10. It's incredibly annoying for users who are trying to avoid Windows 10, but it's happening anyway. The bright side is that the app is now organised in a way that does make it more interactive.

When users open the app they'll find that the home screen is now an activity feed. In this feed, you'll see screenshots and videos that your friends have posted from their Xbox. There's also the chance to see what's trending on Xbox Live, the ability to add friends to your Xbox friends list from Facebook or your phone contacts and a new game hubs section so you can see what's going on with your favourite games. Profiles have been redesigned as well and you can share your real name with other users if you wish.

Everything about this app has been streamlined into one main interface. This is useful as it means you don't have to go hunting around and can see your notifications easily. It isn't so good, however, if you don't like how these styles of interfaces look. There's nothing about being able to change it though so you're just going to have to put up with it if you're unhappy.

This new app was announced a few hours before it was Microsoft's turn to talk about Xbox at the E3 conference on the 12th of June so this is probably something they're going to talk about regularly and work on in the near future. The app is available on Windows phones, iOS and Android now.

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