Australian Liberals Release Snapchat Filter and Get Trolled

Politics has officially moved onto social media with this Australian election. Not only are they using the usual services, but now the Liberal Party has moved onto Snapchat with pretty much disastrous results.

The problem with trying to get people to vote for you using social media is that people can use it against you if they don't agree with your policies. The Liberal Party's choice of Snapchat as an advertising platform was interesting. On the one hand, it could help them get votes from the younger generation, on the other, it's not exactly a platform you want to think about politics on. How they handled this was by paying for a filter that featured a ballot box in the colours of the Australian flag at the bottom of the screen. A white-gloved hand appears holding a piece of paper saying Vote Liberal that it drops into the box before a banner rolls down from the top of the screen saying "A Plan That Works." Apparently, this filter isn't one that works though as most people have been sharing the filters essentially just saying no.

This doesn't mean that filters don't work in general for this sort of thing, but they should be more fun. Snapchat users tend to be young and they want to do something entertaining with these filters. The more popular filters are things like the animal ears and faces or the flower crowns. People find them cute, they can use them more than once and they don't really make you think. Politicians need to make you think and need to appeal to a younger audience so they needed something in between. Maybe something that showed the positive things they plan to do rather than just saying vote for us!

The Liberals' filter was released on Friday morning in Australia and was clearly marked as an ad so no one was going to look at it and think it was anything other than that. However, it probably wasn't the best idea as an advertisement. The Liberals appear to appeal to an older crowd of voters and some Snapchat users have said they're less likely to vote for the party after seeing these adverts. It was a good attempt at trying to attract more voters, but in this case, it really flopped.

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